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Flexible Car Subscriptions

Goodbye long-term contracts. Hello flexibility.

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Turn Customer Reviews

The app was simple to use. I wanted a GLK for a few months and didn’t want to commit to a long term contract, I picked the car and uploaded my documentation and was approved. They delivered the car and I signed the agreement. Car was in amazing condition.
- FMEG, Irvine, GLK 350
Turncar is amazing. Yes, the cars are not new - but since they are backed by Daimler-Benz, they pick only mint condition expired lease cars.
- LAScandis
Was curious to see if this was everything it made out to be and so far so good. Process was easy, got approved quickly and got the car dropped off to me. Had to provide proof of liability but everything was smooth and easy.
- HBPugs, Huntington Beach, VW Jetta

Subscribe for as long as you need.

Get a subscription for a well-maintained, previously leased car with no fixed term length.

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Roadside Assistance

We've Got You Covered

Insurance, maintenance, plus roadside assistance – now that’s convenience.

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How Does Turn Compare to Owning, Financing, or Leasing?

Turn's vehicle usage model frees you from the risks and liabilities that traditional buying, financing, and leasing models tie you down with.

I’m bound to a fixed period of paymentsNoNoYesYes
Car is registered to my nameNoYesYesYes
I own the carNoYesEventuallyNo
I bear the risk of my car depreciating and must sell it myself if I don’t want it anymoreNoYesYesYes
I need to get my own car insuranceYes*YesYesYes
I need to pay separately for car maintenanceNoYesYesYes
*Collision and comprehensive insurance included. You will need to show proof of your own liability insurance.

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